Our Quality
Our Quality

Double-folded Handle Sewing

Handle ribbons are double folded (with the fold being hidden behind bag fabric) prior to stitching to ensure strong and robust handles

Strong Handle

Like our bag fabric, our handle materials are strong and robust!

Tidy Edge Hemming

We prefer to use edge hemming to hide front and side panel edges and ensuring tidy finishes on our bags

Crisp Stitching

Being just robust is not enough for all bags. Premium finishing is equally important and our crisp finishing is a part of that

High Quality Printing

We emphasise on the printing quality for both basic and HD printing. It is send to none!

Cutting-edge Fabric Technology

Our “quality comes first” signature. We use the latest technology to produce all our bag fabric, whether it be fresh, upcycled or recycled materials. Whisper it lightly, but 25-30kg is no problem for our bag fabric

Seamless Bottom

As front-bottom-back panels are prepared in “U-shape”, our bags do not contain bottom seams and stitchings (unless customised)